In-depth Q&A: The IPCC’s Special Report on Climate Change and Land

In this detailed Q&A, Carbon Brief unpacks what the IPCC’s Special Report on climate change and land says about how climate change affects the land and vice versa, as well as other key topics such as food security, negative emissions and how to tackle the overlapping challenges associated with how humans use the land.

Green New Deal Must Transform Our Food System to Save Our Climate

With the Green New Deal, social movements and our representatives in Congress have the chance to transition away from our harmful and polluting industrial agriculture model to a system that is healthy, just, and works for everyone.

CCC: Farming needs a ‘Revolution’ for UK to Meet Climate Goals

Greenhouse gas emissions from the land-use and agriculture sector are set to increase unless the UK’s “unsustainable” approach changes, warns the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) in a report published recently.

A Fixed Meat Ration is Not the Path to Sustainable Food Systems

We should focus our interest into the transition to a sustainable and regenerative food and agriculture system. Such a system would exclude or substantially reduce those foods which are wasteful regardless if those are eggs from caged hens or asparagus flown from one side of the globe to the other.

The Great Agricultural Resettlement or the Next Chapter of the Fall

I am a farmer and that is where my world begins. What is an agriculture? I say it is a culture of cities, towns and villages, bridges, roads, canals, harbours – of trades’ people and the trades, which have been created by the specialised cultivation of fields. The industrial revolution was a revolution within agriculture – germinated by fossil fuels, so that today, nearly every culture on Earth is an agriculture.

Trade deals boosting climate change: the food factor

From deforestation to fertiliser use, and from factory farms to supermarket shelves, producing, transporting, consuming and wasting food account for around half of all greenhouse gas emissions

Food & agriculture – May 14

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