2022 Was a Big Year for Climate Action in the Courts

It was another busy year in the courts for climate-related cases. From challenges to fossil fuel and petrochemical expansion to climate lawsuits against Big Oil and national governments, there were notable victories for climate action and accountability in 2022.

“We Have to Start Questioning What Systems We Are Participating In”

That is why they are called non-renewable resources, for example. Because Mother Earth doesn’t have the ability to renew those resources at the same speed at which we’re taking them.

Fossil fuels: Is the world on track for moving past coal, oil and gas production?

Scientists, economists and Indigenous activists met in Oxford in September to discuss a challenge central to solving climate change: how can the world rid itself of fossil fuels?

‘Existential Threat’: Indigenous Leaders Urge Citigroup to Stop Backing Amazon Oil

Indigenous leaders have called on Citigroup to stop financing oil and gas projects in the Amazon, saying the bank’s activities contradict its climate pledges by putting the threatened ecosystem at greater risk.

Alaska Drilling Project Squashed By Court Decision Was Touted By Oil-Friendly Former Trump Official

This week, a federal court overturned the Trump administration’s approval for what would have been Alaska’s first drilling project in federal waters, citing faulty analyses of how the Arctic oil and gas facility would affect the climate and polar bears.

With Bankruptcies Mounting, Faltering Oil and Gas Firms Are Leaving a Multi-billion Dollar Cleanup Bill to the Public

Amid a record wave of bankruptcies, the U.S. oil and gas industry is on the verge of defaulting on billions of dollars in environmental cleanup obligations.

Why Oil Didn’t Save the Whales – and Why it Matters

Far from saving the whales, it was oil that nearly obliterated them, and may yet still do so. The real lessons to be drawn from the history of whaling are more interesting and more complex than the oil salvation narrative.