Digging in and digging deep: My experience at Ecosystem Restoration Camp Altiplano

At some point it became clear to me that ecosystem restoration is an incredibly positive way for anyone to participate in addressing the problems we face today, and that this is of great importance to communities all around the world.

Ecosystem Restoration after Disaster: Hotlum Eco-Regeneration Camp and its response to the Lava Fire

As the climate crisis deepens, Ecosystem Restoration Camps sites are responding to increasing natural disasters in different ways. Today, we are highlighting Eco-Regeneration Camp Hotlum, California, and its experience recovering from the devastating Lava Fire of 2021.

Regenerative agriculture in the Amazon

EcoAraguaia Farm of the Future is a former cattle ranch in the Amazon rainforest with a big mission: to show the world how producing food, restoring nature, and creating livelihoods can go hand in hand. The key to all of this? Regenerative agriculture: a holistic system for managing the land that integrates people, planet, and profit.

Refugees and Restoration

But… What happens if we combine the efforts of ecosystem restoration with humanitarian aid and development, empowering refugees with the tools and the knowledge to build a better life? What if we transform refugee camps into regenerative camps?