Forging Permaculture Hand Tools, Part 1

The magic of fire and hammer is truly transformative and I am marvelled by it every day that I work at the forge. An abandoned railroad spike is reborn as a hori hori and a truck’s leaf spring becomes a heavy duty trowel. This marvellous process has been around for millennia and it still appeals to many

Live Without Dead Thyme: A Photo Tour of a Garden

I spent Saturday night under a 100 year old pear tree with David Holmgren, Su Dennett, and a spirited gathering of Victorian permaculturalists, for their annual summer solstice party. My household’s urban homestead doesn’t compare…

Testing a Different(iation) Approach to Permaculture Design Process – Part Three: Another Example

On the afternoon of June 30, 2016, we talked, walked and worked with a friend, Adam, on the overall design of the five hectare (12.5 acre) block of land Adam shares with his partner Tink.