Rondout Riverport 2040: Part 2

Rondout Riverport 2040 will serve as an empowering example to our bioregion and our country – demonstrating the viability of ethical livelihoods and teaching beneficial sustainable technologies that do minimal socio-environmental harm; methodologies that foster self-reliance and promote Slow Tech hands-on work practices.

Rondout Riverport 2040: Part 1

Rondout Riverport 2040 offers the communities of Kingston and Esopus, New York, a visionary template and extraordinary opportunity for remaking and transforming the Rondout Creek and Hudson River Working Waterfront over the next 20 years.

Celebrating the cargo bike revolution: A review of Motherload

The film closes with an image that will tug at the heart-strings of all parents, but particularly those in bicycling families: her twins, who first explored their world from the open-air box of a cargo bike, now pedal away on their own bikes, under their own power, down their own road.

False Solutions to Climate Change: Transportation

In the US, transportation is said to be the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions.  The most common solution put forth is a false one: “we’ll electrify all our cars, maybe our trucks too.” Planes and ships are usually not proposed for replacement by electric versions, but trains are. So what’s wrong with this idea?

Unnecessary Travel? The Return of Breathable Air and Rethinking Transport in a Crisis

This shock to the transport system has come as a result of a global pandemic, despite consistent and increasingly urgent calls for change in the face of climate change. It took a more immediate public health threat to give governments the power to declare national emergencies and to restrict movement and other individual freedoms.