A Tale of Three Cities – Cycling in Valencia, Paris and London

Although our geographic and political situations vary a great deal, nearly all cities in industrial civilization have been dominated by car culture for a few generations, and we face many common challenges as we work back towards cities that are safe for everyone who could and should be moving about our streets.

Get Ready for Connect the Crescent: A New Pop-up Protected Bike Space in the Heart of New Orleans!

This September, Bike Easy and a large coalition of partners are working with the City of New Orleans to create Connect the Crescent – a connected, protected bikeway network in the heart of the city – showcasing a bold vision to improve biking, walking, and riding transit.

Two-Wheeled Logistics: A City Manager’s To-Do List

Most of the component parts for ultra-light mobility ecosystems are on the table – from cargo bikes, to sharing platforms. Social and technical innovations are transforming relationships between people, goods, energy, space, and value.

Rail Lines, not Pipelines: The Past, Present, and Future of Canadian Passenger Rail

Maybe we can build thousands of kms of passenger rail lines and thousands of kms of pipelines.  But given the gravity and menace of the climate crisis and given the rapidly approaching deadlines to meet our emission-reduction commitments, it isn’t hard to see which should be our priority.

First Principles for Sustainable and Equitable Transportation: A Review of Beyond Mobility

Subway systems, trams, Bus-Rapid-Transit, high-speed trains, cars – these can all play useful roles in well-designed transportation systems. But we must not forget what still is and what should remain the world’s most important transportation method: walking. That is one of the key messages of Beyond Mobility: Planning Cities for People and Places, a survey of urban planning successes and failures around the world.