Rail Lines, not Pipelines: The Past, Present, and Future of Canadian Passenger Rail

Maybe we can build thousands of kms of passenger rail lines and thousands of kms of pipelines.  But given the gravity and menace of the climate crisis and given the rapidly approaching deadlines to meet our emission-reduction commitments, it isn’t hard to see which should be our priority.

This Beer Kills Pipelines

For Marie-Eve, there is something very powerful about a lateral approach like this beer project. “It’s not a project that talks about climate change”, she told me. “It’s about water. And fun. It’s about having a beer for a cause, and it reaches into wider networks. One old man I met (and he was not sensitive to environmental issues) said “they can’t touch my beer!”, which for me was a great sign that we were doing it right”.

Seattle Council to Governor: Protect this City (And the Climate) from Oil Trains

Last month a small but vocal group gathered on the steps of Seattle’s city hall to demand greater restrictions on the controversial transportation of oil by railway tanker through the Northwest. This was the latest action in the larger movement of opposition to trains carrying fossil fuels through Washington.