Giving Thanks

I hope all of you celebrating enjoy time with family and friends, and remember and recognize Gaia’s role in providing this bounty: the food that sun, soil, air, and water grew; and the energy—mostly drawn from Earth’s crust—that was used to process, ship, and cook that food, and to get your family and friends near enough to you to share it together.

Karate-Do: The Official Sport of the Gaian Way

Following the way—whether karate-do or the Gaian Way—without energy will not sustain its power—whether its power to transform oneself, one’s community, or one’s culture, and especially will not sustain its power to transform humanity’s relationship with Gaia.

Five takeaways from the Harvard Ecological Spiritualities Conference

So even while there were beautiful reminders of our connection to nature at this conference—talks, posters, and so on—there was, and will continue to be, far more reminders of our broken relationship, which Gaians and other ecologically spiritually minded folk should, and I hope will, continue to work toward healing.

We’re All Ukrainian. We’re All Russian. We’re All Gaian.

Though as legitimate as sending money (or non-fungible tokens) to the Ukrainian government or charities, is bringing Russians and Ukrainians together; is supporting local businesses by both; is using less oil so the Russian petrostate (and all other dictatorial resource-cursed nations) are weakened, and we move to a more ecocentric, less unsustainable civilization.