You can’t understand Thatcherism without knowing about Michael Manley

With conversations about decolonising our institutions becoming more prominent, it’s important to remember that Thatcherism simply wouldn’t have triumphed in the UK without the defeat of another political vision then emerging from what was once among Britain’s most lucrative colonies: Jamaica.

Of Viruses and the Limits of Masculine (Dys)topias

The ongoing environmental damage is predicted to make humans vulnerable to further plagues. When biodiversity is on the wane, viruses have one particular species to live on – humans.

How a Communist Mayor is Defeating Privatisation in Chile

By strengthening local government ownership of public services and bringing them back under public control, these initiatives offer promising pathways out of neoliberalism.

One that stands out as a particularly strong example is the local government of Recoleta, a commune in the metropolitan region of Santiago, Chile.

Cuba: From AIDS, Dengue, and Ebola to COVID-19

Cuba’s preparation for COVID-19 began on January 1, 1959.  On that day, over sixty years before the pandemic, Cuba laid the foundations for what would become the discovery of novel drugs, bringing patients to the island, and sending medical aid abroad.