Warre and peace: of gifts, government and men with guns

Anyway, as governments wrestle with the increasingly impossible predicaments of our times, it seems to me likely that this space of publics versus governments will become a lot more politically diverse. And that’s the point at which the question of ‘public ownership’ becomes a really live issue.

How a Communist Mayor is Defeating Privatisation in Chile

By strengthening local government ownership of public services and bringing them back under public control, these initiatives offer promising pathways out of neoliberalism.

One that stands out as a particularly strong example is the local government of Recoleta, a commune in the metropolitan region of Santiago, Chile.

Reimagining Democratic Public Ownership for the Twenty-First Century

The coming decade is arguably the most important in human history, especially as relates to climate and the environment. The status quo – of a planetary emergency and deep inequalities – is unsustainable and insupportable. Strategies for extending democratic public ownership over the commanding heights of the twenty-first century economy can open up a more innovative, sustainable, and inclusive futur