US Opinion is Shifting in Favor of the Nordic model — Can Activists Keep Up?

It’s in the interests of the 1 percent that we not use the Nordic model as a way to talk about vision. They’ve watched with alarm the growing public appeal of Medicare for All and the Green New Deal, which are partial versions of the Nordic model. Especially now, they don’t want us to expand, to talk in an appealing way about system-change.

This Pandemic IS Ecological Breakdown: Different Tempo, Same Song

The coronavirus pandemic is like a chunk of ice falling off of a melting glacier. You can see the ice falling, but you can’t see the melting of the whole glacier. Similarly, climate change will keep dropping chunks of ice at humanity well after the COVID-19 pandemic subsides.

What Can Colleges and Universities Learn from a Pandemic?

To return to the pre-coronavirus assumptions about the world is to return to a way of thinking and living that cannot be sustained and that will destroy the planet.  We need to reinvent modern civilization and we need colleges and universities to take on a leadership role in this great task.

No More Business as Usual – Rethinking Economic Value for a Post-Covid World

This crisis must be an opportunity to challenge what we have allowed corporations around the world to do with the natural environment (conveniently referred to as resources) and people (labour) in the name of economic growth. Thatcher was wrong: there are alternatives.

Coronavirus Spells the End of the Neoliberal Era. What’s Next?

We are all inside the crucible right now, and the choices we make over the weeks and months to come will, collectively, determine the shape and defining characteristics of the next era. However big we’re thinking about the future effects of this pandemic, we can think bigger.

Coronavirus: the Need for a Progressive Internationalist Response

This pandemic health crisis exposes the injustices of the global economic order. It must be a turning point towards creating the systems, structures and policies that can always protect those who are marginalised and allow everyone to live with dignity.

George Monbiot on the Unholy Trinity of Ideologies Trashing our Planet

Monbiot argues that capitalism now is neoliberal capitalism. And, unusually, that capitalism and consumerism are ideologies as much as neoliberalism is. “Part of the insidious power of these ideologies is that they are the water in which we swim – the plastic soup in which we swim. They are everywhere.

Interview with Mark Burton of Steady State Manchester

For us, it is good to know what we are against, but if we are to fight for something better, then we really need an alternative vision.  Our idea is to work with those that come on that.  What comes out of it will depend on the level of interest, enthusiasm, creativity and commitment to do further work. 

Resist and Rebuild

We should use the new story, and the proposals this narrative vehicle carries, to build mass resistance movements, taking inspiration from – and building on – highly effective mobilisations such as the youth climate strikes. We will draw strength from the movements in other nations, and support them in turn.

Islands in the Flood

When I step from the timeless present to time again, the horror would overwhelm me, but for the utopian light, the other side of darkness. Utopia is not fanciful. Our lives are that. It is imaginative and true. Utopia is possible. It is our weakness which makes it apparently impossible.

Climate Change, Dinosaurs and the State of the Environmental Movement

The conversation you hear about the environment on CNN is not the conversation taking place in college dorms or outdoors clubs or in community centers or on farms or in the heads of those who hope and fight and when they sleep they dream of mountain air and when they close their eyes at work for just a moment are no further removed from the ocean than the fish who swim in it. And they are getting louder.