“Spirituality is deeply anti-systemic”: An interview with Indigenous Thinker Antonio Gonzalez from the Aj Mayon Collective in Guatemala

Many people are now realizing that they cannot move forward without us. And indigenous peoples are saying: “you are not going to talk on our behalf, nor about us, anymore”.

The UK needs a ‘right to food’. This is how it could work in practice

As the UK’s catastrophic cost of living crisis deepens, calls are getting louder for a ‘Right to Food’, which would mean the government and local authorities are legally responsible for ensuring everybody in the country has enough to eat.

Lurching from food crisis to food crisis

There are tonnes of good ideas on the table about how to reshape our food systems – and fleets of social movements eager to take the reins and put them in practice. Perhaps this food crisis can serve to bring movements together to get some serious action going.

Dare to Win: Lessons from the Indian Farmers Movement

The Farmers Movement in India has inspired millions around the world who are fighting for justice, democracy and solidarity. The farmers held their ground in the face of threats, intimidation and relentless propoganda, and forced the Modi government to repeal the farm bills.

Association of Olopenses Women provides economic empowerment to rural Guatemalan workers

Real solutions, such as building an organization like the AMO, require time to build trust and relationships. It also means overcoming the legacy of failed government and nonprofit promises to impoverished communities.

“Four Meals From Anarchy” – We Must Grow More Food Locally

Providing sufficient access to affordable food for its population is an underpinning prerequisite for any properly functioning society, and given the clear risks posed by the UK’s current heavy reliance on imports, far more domestic – particularly locally based – food production must be established as a matter of urgency, i.e. before people begin to go hungry.

Reconfiguring Food Systems Governance: The UNFSS and the Battle over Authority and Legitimacy

By replacing multilateralism with multi-stakeholderism, the UN Food Systems Summit (UNFSS) is advancing a vision of food systems governance that sets the foundation for stronger corporate influence both of the UN and food systems at large.