Urban Farms, Community Gardens and Local Produce at Your Doorstep

So I’m setting off on a quest to find fresh and affordable food here in Vancouver and documenting my findings in a four-part series.

The ‘world’s first library farm’ is home to plush gardens and community innovations

What if your urban farm was in a central location? Perhaps your local library? The Cicero Branch of the Northern Onondaga Public Library (NOPL) in Upstate New York has explored precisely this question.

Green Haven Project is nurturing underserved communities one garden at a time

Three years ago, Jorge Palacios, David Roper and Josh Placeres came together with a shared vision to make a better world for communities of color in Miami. They wanted to create a space where Black and Brown families can access fresh produce and learn how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Fighting for food justice in a Texas food desert

The Dallas Food Justice Coalition provides a simple but powerful model. By bringing together community advocates from different areas of food justice, they’ve begun cultivating a grassroots solution to our broken food system that focuses on empowering and educating the community rather than simply providing aid.

Growing Food and Latino Culture in Tucson’s Barrio Centro

Although urban agriculture has a long history, Barrio Centro is part of a more recent movement to increase food security in underserved, largely ethnic communities while retaining or reclaiming cultural traditions and values that people can share and express through those spaces.

We Don’t Farm Because it’s Trendy: Farming is not New to Black People

For more than 150 years, from the rural South to northern cities, Black people have used farming to build self-determined communities and resist oppressive structures that tear them down.

How Does your City Grow? Lockdown Illuminates Urban Farming and Gardening’s Potential

The lockdown and threat of a global pandemic has turned a lot of people who previously may have depended solely on supermarkets for their food into gardeners and would-be farmers overnight.

Urban Agriculture is Dead! Cities have One, Two, Three…Many Urban Agricultures!

We betray the Greek origin of western styles of thinking every time we use the singular to discuss the opposite — the sheer abundance and bounty of foods and food choices that modern living and technologies offer.

So, for example, we have city discussions about the need for a city policy on urban agriculture, instead of city discussions about the need for city policies to support various forms of urban agricultures.

Unique Learning Laboratory is Giving City Kids the Opportunity to Explore Sustainable Agriculture

In the past eight years, City Growers has expanded their opportunities and reach, offering Summer Camp, professional development, and free workshops. However, it is the child’s newfound understanding and curiosity that truly helps measure progress.