Black Farmers Are Rebuilding Agriculture in Coal Country

Jason Tartt, a farmer in West Virginia, says the Mountain State is fertile territory for honey production and maple and fruit orchards in the flood plains. Tartt, who is Black, sees his role as both developing economic opportunity through farming and supporting other Black farmers in West Virginia.

The Justice for Black Farmers Act

We are very pleased with and excited about the outcomes of the Justice for Black Farmers Act as it stands today and are asking our members, comrades and supporters to sign on to this piece of legislation so that it has no choice but to pass.

Martin Acres Is the Place to Be

Twin brothers Irucka Ajani and Obiora Embry approach farming in an unconventional way. Instead of relying on the usual row crop methods or the use of pesticides to give plants a leg up, they instead look to ancient history and a loving, symbiotic relationship with the land that has been long forgotten in many parts of the world.

We Don’t Farm Because it’s Trendy: Farming is not New to Black People

For more than 150 years, from the rural South to northern cities, Black people have used farming to build self-determined communities and resist oppressive structures that tear them down.