Urban Farms, Community Gardens and Local Produce at Your Doorstep

So I’m setting off on a quest to find fresh and affordable food here in Vancouver and documenting my findings in a four-part series.

The Radical Roots of Community Supported Agriculture

At the most human level, reconnecting people around the growing of their own food may prove to be among our most effective means of healing our widespread sense of disconnection from nature and community.

France | Growing Vegetables, Seeding Values – Part 2

People need to be educated to get involved: that they are supporting small systems that are not mechanised, that are not economically fragile. There’s nothing quaint about coming to help out on the farm.

Ten years of Sims Hill!

We’re TEN this year! Hooray. Cause for celebration, we think. And to celebrate safely in the Covidsphere, we thought we’d give a whistle-stop tour of the history of Sims Hill, and talk a little bit about why we feel so passionate about what we do – local food and community engagement.

COVID-19 Sparks a Rebirth of the Local Farm Movement

Food is fundamental. While farmers have yet to face the full economic impact of this pandemic, their collaborative efforts, along with local grassroots networks, could mark the beginning of a new economy laboring to be born.

To Feed or to Profit? To Eat or to Consume?

We can no longer let the distribution method – the market – dictate how we farm and how we eat. We need to develop new tools and institutions in order to cater for the many functions of food and farming.  A process of decommodification should be at the core of the alternative food movement.