Farm like an Ecosystem

From my vantage point — which is sitting in the chicken yard, eating just-harvested mulberries, my fingers all blue — farming within an ecosystem can be joyful and meaningful, life-affirming. It should be an integral part of the way we feed the world and revitalize our degraded land.

Letter From The Farm | Looking Beyond The Farm Gate

This is why I would like to end this letter with a request I made last year as part of the COP26 process and I continue making. Please visit a farmer – we are looking forward to receiving you to our farms and sharing our stories with you!

A Neo-Distributist Proposal

It certainly feels as though some new ideas are needed to overcome the ecological, political and socioeconomic troubles of present times. There is a way to address these troubles, not so much through an old book as through an old political movement, namely distributism.

Reshaping supply management in the US: Looking North and South for inspiration

The establishment of parity pricing for farmers, coupled with supply management and food reserves, would eliminate the conditions for dumping and should smooth price spikes, whether caused by market conditions, or climate change, or shortsighted geopolitical posturing.

A Call for Community-Based Seed Diversity During the COVID-19 Pandemic

We would be remiss not to sow true, place-based seed sovereignty in every region and among every culture on this planet, well before a future crisis could uproot us again.

Agroecology and Food Sovereignty

Birlik is building new connections between consumers and Small-Scale Fisheries that are accessible to people of all economic backgrounds, while protecting traditional fisher cultures, and providing an alternative vision of just, sustainable, fisheries.

Recipe for disaster: Globalised food systems, structural inequality, and COVID-19

How can we begin to understand the complex relationship between the COVID-19 pandemic and our food systems? How is this crisis impacting communities and transformative strategies for a future founded on international solidarity, agroecology and food sovereignty?

A Food Revolution Starts with Seed

Growing your own food has seen a resurgence on a scale that has been compared to the Dig For Victory campaigns of the second world war.  But with so few places selling seed, how can you take advantage of this planting season and get your own veggie garden under way?

Staying Connected and Supporting Our Fibershed Amid Coronavirus

Right now, your dollars are a lifeline for many small businesses and workers. Who can you help stay afloat during this time? We want to share direct opportunities for those who are able to make purchases for essential needs as well as enjoyment, and we also are including resources for those already experiencing economic insecurity.