Supporting Young Farmers of Color Can Help the U.S. Meet Its Climate Goals

“But we desperately need climate investments that are part of a safety net for farmers, so they can continue stewarding the land when a disaster strikes.”

Rural Europe Takes Action | For Resilience and Peace – Political Action Now!

Rural areas are wholesome spaces and only policies which take this wholesomeness into account will be supportive to rural areas where thriving societies live, work and evolve. We have gathered examples of how it works. The moment to start a new integrated rural policy is now.

Media briefing: Farming can be a climate change solution, so why is it missing in action at COP26?

Sustainable farming systems that work in harmony with nature have an essential role to play and farmers want to be part of the movement for change.

How can Australian agriculture and land management adapt to climate change in a way that promotes Indigenous leadership and sustainable development?

Through adopting a proactive, climate-oriented and environmental justice focus in its agriculture, land management and water management policies, Australia has the potential to manage the significant pressures of climate change.

The Forgotten Treasure In These American Lands

This year marks the sesquicentennial of explorer Powell’s expedition down the Green and Colorado Rivers in 1869. Perhaps more than any other man of his time, he comprehended the limits of Western geography, and suggested that inhabiting the land would require a far different set of rhythms than those we had cultivated up to that point. He questioned the entire orthodoxy shaping the West during his age—an orthodoxy that is shaping it still.

We Need to Tame Wall Street and Big Ag to Empower Carbon Farmers

The Democratic primary debate on 27th June was probably the first time that soil management — as climate policy — was ever mentioned at a primetime Presidential campaign event. It was also one of the first tangible mentions of farm policy in two nights of debates.

Agroecology: Key to Agricultural Resilience and Ecosystem Recovery

Agroecology is a transformative approach that can galvanize a just transition away from a destructive conventional agriculture and food system to one that builds agricultural resilience, rebuilds ecosystems, supports localized, fair food systems and strengthens local communities.

Will Brexit and Trump’s Wall Change the Face of Farm Labour?

The UK and US are headed for a crisis as crack-downs on immigration threaten to make it harder for agriculture to find the labour it requires. The problem, of course, is that most Westerners don’t want to do the hard, physical labour required in agriculture…

History Crash

My previous post offered a retrospective take on my ‘Peasant’s Republic of Wessex’ post cycle that I completed a while back. I thought I might now turn to another such retrospective, this time on my recently-completed ‘History of the world’ cycle. So I’d like to offer a few thoughts on the way we think about history, with the help of a couple of books from my recent reading.