How can Australian agriculture and land management adapt to climate change in a way that promotes Indigenous leadership and sustainable development?

Through adopting a proactive, climate-oriented and environmental justice focus in its agriculture, land management and water management policies, Australia has the potential to manage the significant pressures of climate change.

Australia’s drought, climate change and the future of food

There’s a reason that few people are thinking about world grain supplies. Last year saw record worldwide production of grains and record stocks of grains left over. But this year worldwide production slipped about 2 percent, owing in large part to the plunge in Australia’s production caused by an ongoing severe drought.

Almost Half of Australia’s Petrol, Diesel and Jet Fuel Imports come from South Korea and Japan

As the world wonders what comes next in the North Korean missile crisis we need to have a look what a military confrontation would mean for Australia. This is important because after 3 refinery closures in Clyde (Sydney), Kurnell (Sydney) and Bulwer (Brisbane), fuel imports from East Asia have replaced previous crude imports coming from a variety of countries outside the Korean conflict zone.