Almost Half of Australia’s Petrol, Diesel and Jet Fuel Imports come from South Korea and Japan

As the world wonders what comes next in the North Korean missile crisis we need to have a look what a military confrontation would mean for Australia. This is important because after 3 refinery closures in Clyde (Sydney), Kurnell (Sydney) and Bulwer (Brisbane), fuel imports from East Asia have replaced previous crude imports coming from a variety of countries outside the Korean conflict zone.

Perverse outcomes: Lifting U.S. oil export ban would mean greater dependence on foreign oil

There is a case regarding market efficiency for overturning America’s oil export ban, but this is NOT the one the industry is using in its public relations campaign. That’s because increased efficiency in the world oil market would actually make the country’s oil supply more vulnerable to events abroad.

EU must drastically reduce its oil imports

The Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet has now, 2012 December 23, published my article "EU must drastically reduce its oil imports". In Swedish, "EU måste skära ner sin oljeimport drastiskt". Michael Lardelli has made a great translation of the article and I have added some relevant photos and graphs. Every week you are around 1000 persons that read my blog and I which you all Merry Christmas and a happy new year.