Review: The Crash of Flight 3804 by Charlotte Dennett

In her concluding remarks, Charlotte makes no bones about America’s future prospects as a player in the oil game. She sees America steadily losing ground as the costs of its empire and its endless oil wars inexorably mount, and as more and more countries make deals with its oil-rich adversaries.

Saudi Arabia: besieged and fearful

The Saudi regime has long been considered a pillar of political stability in the Middle East, a country that commanded respect and prudence from all its neighbors. This is no longer true, and the first ones to recognize this are those who are important internal players in the regime. Today, they feel besieged on all sides and quite fearful of the consequences of turmoil in the Middle East for the survival of the regime.

Peak oil notes – Oct 10

A midweek update. Oil prices, which had remained relatively steady since the end of last week, plunged on Wednesday after the EIA released its weekly stocks report showing a 6.8 million barrel increase in US crude stocks – more than four times what analysts had been expecting.