Dear NPR

I believe we will see a fairly rapid decline in the production of shale oil and gas in the U.S. as a large number of fracking companies go bankrupt.  I don’t see investors again being taken in by the promises of industry corporate executives, especially when the best drilling acreage is long gone.  That is not a message I expect to hear on NPR.

Peak Oil Review – 15 Oct 2018

Major players in the oil industry are still in disagreement as to where oil prices will go in the near future. A few weeks ago, many financial writers were talking about $100 oil, but the sudden surge of volatility and turmoil in global financial markets has caused many to rethink their forecasts.

Is Volatility in Oil Price on the Way, Again?

A consistent theme in my articles is the charts reveal that economic disruptions, such as ructions in the stock market, tend to follow periods of marked instability in the price of oil, and further, that the economy at large appears to be acutely sensitive to sudden changes in the cost of energy – as mirrored by the longest lines on the chart above.