GameStop: Why the elites hate peer-to-peer power

Small investors, emboldened by an online Reddit group called WallStreetBets, have so far inflicted nearly $20 billion in losses on their arch short-selling foes as the stock price of GameStop has rocketed from about $17 a share on January 4 to $325 a share on Friday. Will WallStreetBets show itself to be a liberating force? Will it spawn a worldwide movement that demands a rethinking and restructuring of our financial system?

Insanity? Markets continue disconnect from economy and society

There are few things more insane than the terminal phase of a stock market bubble. It is worth noting that from the bottom of the Great Depression it took 20 years to reach new highs in the stock market. We may not even be at the bottom of this depression and one market index has already reached a new all-time high. Is this investor insanity or the beginning of the next glorious economic expansion?

Waking into our New Volatile Age of Oil Prices

All was calm when I predicted in February 2018 at that mid-June 2018″ would see an upsurge in oil price volatility. Four months later, on June 26 2018, a volatility spike in West Texas Intermediate crude oil spot price marked the beginning of the turbulent phase in the oil markets that we are now experiencing.

Is Volatility in Oil Price on the Way, Again?

A consistent theme in my articles is the charts reveal that economic disruptions, such as ructions in the stock market, tend to follow periods of marked instability in the price of oil, and further, that the economy at large appears to be acutely sensitive to sudden changes in the cost of energy – as mirrored by the longest lines on the chart above.

Bubble time: Friends and relatives act as if we’ve returned to business-as-usual

It is a testament to the psychological power of financial bubbles that people who know and trust me and generally accept the analysis I’ve put forth in my writings over the last decade are jumping into the stock market again with a pledge that they are in for the long term–no matter what.