The UK needs a ‘right to food’. This is how it could work in practice

As the UK’s catastrophic cost of living crisis deepens, calls are getting louder for a ‘Right to Food’, which would mean the government and local authorities are legally responsible for ensuring everybody in the country has enough to eat.

Rural Europe Takes Action | Seeds of Collaboration

By empowering communities to build sustainable local food systems – including new models based on cooperation for the common good – policymakers will be helping to build local economic resilience and taking action to combat climate change and biodiversity loss.

Considering Regenesis: A Perspective from the Sustainable Food Trust

Despite these criticisms, Regenesis is a valuable book. It challenges us to think outside the box, presents at least some of the dilemmas with which it wrestles in an even-handed way and introduces us to a technology we may hear more about in future, whether we like it or not.

What Could Possibly Go Right?: Episode 82 Betsy Taylor

Betsy Taylor is president of Breakthrough Strategies & Solutions LLC. For over thirty years, Betsy Taylor has built a solid reputation as a philanthropic advisor, social change leader, motivational speaker and problem solver. She addresses the question of “What Could Possibly Go Right?”

‘You can’t manage what you can’t feel’: Finding new ways to assess diverse and novel wheat varieties

In food and agricultural systems, there will always be a place for measurement, but in knowledge-intensive terrain of agroecological grain production and artisanal baking there must also be space for reincorporating what we feel.

Could agroecology save Colombia’s farming crisis?

Agroecological processes, like the ones promoted by this exemplary project, are an essential part of the reconstruction of a local, balanced, fair and sustainable economy, which will keep young people in the region and contribute to a transformation of the countryside where the values of sustainability and food sovereignty prevail over an extractivist tradition that has wreaked havoc in the region for too long.

What does feminism have to do with the food you eat?

On International Women’s day, March 8, 2022, we launched an animation called ‘For feminist agroecologies’ that invites you to ask yourself questions about your food, and about what food system you want to contribute to.

EU Institutions – Productivity Now, Environment Maybe Later

Yet again, now is supposedly not the time to do the very things that would reduce our exposure to destructive inputs. There is a fear that this terrible war in Ukraine will give European business-as-usual forces one more excuse turn the EU Green Deal into that potentially perfect but always elusive pie in the sky.