These apps aim to reduce the social and environmental impacts of food waste

Addressing the food waste epidemic requires us to widen our perspective and develop practical, comprehensive solutions that can be implemented by everyday people. A number of tech companies and nonprofits have developed apps aimed at doing just that.

Project Diverts Food Waste to Feed Those in Need

Seven years ago, two sustainable horticulture students took a field trip to an organic farm in the U.K. and were shocked to see cauliflowers left in the field due to their irregular shape or size. In reaction, they founded Food in Community, which aims to tackle food waste, food poverty, and social isolation in Totnes, England, by connecting producers with food banks and other distributors.

How a Restaurant Born at the Olympics has Strengthened the “Social Gastronomy” Movement

Food has this unique power to connect us all, and the table is that magic field where we can look to each other, eye level, no matter our backgrounds, and allow the magic of dialogue to happen,” said Mariana Vilhena, Gastromotiva’s communication and marketing director. “Social gastronomy is all about this.”

Transition Sarasota’s Suncoast Gleaning Project

To best address the steps toward resilience the Transition Movement has made in the United States over the last ten years, it seems sensible to start with a project that has contributed roughly a quarter-million pounds of organic fruits and vegetables to food insecure families since its inception in 2010