Tech Bros on Acid with Douglas Rushkoff (Bonus episode of Crazy Town)

Douglas Rushkoff revisits Crazy Town, where he and Asher discuss why so many billionaires, academic institutions, and “serious” people are drawn to longtermism – the view that our top priority should be ensuring that humanity can spread its wings throughout the physical and virtual universe.

“Land value return” and building a more equitable economy

Employing the economics of sharing more widely would be a good way to show that “ethical economics” is not necessarily an oxymoron. It might even allow people of different political perspectives to find common ground for solving real environmental and economic problems while reducing tax burdens as well.

Implementing peer-to-peer hospitality exchange: organizational philosophy of

Against the grain of “There-is-no-alternative” discourse, such a platform can be successful without focusing on profit-making. offers lessons for other endeavors promoting the Commons.

How Learning to Share Again Cuts Waste, and Makes more Resilient Communities

The Share Shed is a library of things in the town of Totnes in the southwest of the UK (also home to the Transition Town network). People can donate useful items to the library – like ladders, drills, carpet cleaners, camping, cooking and gardening equipment, and sewing machines – and others can borrow them for an affordable fee.

Spanish Cities Make the Case for How Cooperatives Can Address Urban Ills

Whether it is growing congestion due to ride-hailing apps like Uber and Lyft, rising housing costs due to Airbnb, or increasing agitation from gig workers being forced to work longer hours for less pay, cities are at the forefront of the battle to control the exploitative platform economy.