Degrowth resonates: a reflection on DegrowthFest 2020

Degrowth resonated with many people in our community. That is the remarkable result of DegrowthFest, for me. I am thrilled but not surprised that so many friends and neighbors were keen on this movement and idea that is so dear to me.

Scotland’s Degrowth Commission

The Degrowth Commission invites you to re-imagine how our economy should work in a survivable zero-carbon future.It is part of  Enough! which is a new experimental project responding to the climate crisis. We will be hosting large-scale participatory events to develop these ideas.

Degrowth as a Concrete Utopia

The emergence of interest in degrowth can be traced back to the 1st International Degrowth Conference organized in Paris in 2008. At this conference, degrowth was defined as a “voluntary transition towards a just, participatory, and ecologically sustainable society,” so challenging the dogma of economic growth.

At the Intersection of Permaculture and Degrowth

In this article, I would like to propose some ways that an exchange of knowledge and knowledge-sharing strategies between permaculture and degrowth would be beneficial for both movements. This argument is based on the idea that the most interesting and diverse areas of any system are located at the edge, where one system, community, or way of thinking intersects with another.

De-growth is Feasible: People Want a New Economy

I do not disagree with Branko that the task is enormous; I have complete empathy with this perspective.  Indeed, it is the single greatest problem of our century – how to enable human flourishing while reducing emissions and material throughput – and it demands our total focus.  But let me offer three thoughts that give me hope.