Fracking headlines

•Fracking is depleting water supplies in America’s driest areas, report shows •Why Shale Oil Boosters Are Charlatans In Disguise •Risks of Fracking Boom Draw Renewed Attention from Investors •Canadian awaits verdict on fracking nightmareF•ocus on well efficiency keeps Marcellus Shale pumping despite low prices •Cuadrilla fracking delays over radioactive waste water •Voluntary Fracking Certification Kicks Off in U.S. •Tight Trouble

Energy transitions – headlines

•Swedish pension funds urged to dump fossil fuel holdings •Romantic Germany risks economic decline as green dream spoils •German Energy Storage Plan Could Trigger New Market Boom •Buying Local Solar Makes Florida City a World Leader •Constituency voices: realising the potential of community energy [Report]California’s Unusual Plan to Cut Greenhouse Gases

Coal, climate, politics, and money – headlines

•U.S., China agree to cut emissions from vehicles, coal •The Coal Industry Knows That Enviros Are Winning •Carbon’s unburnable truth •In the board room, climate sceptics are nowhere •Climate Change Will Cause More Energy Breakdowns, U.S. Warns •How fossil-fuelled is your university? •Coal’s Over — Anyone For Wine And Cheese?

Oil, climate change, and bubbles – headlines

•Shale gas won’t stop peak oil, but could create an economic crisis •Oil giants could feel major pain should world get serious about reducing global temperatures •Why you should be cautious about the next oil boom forecast that you hear •Catastrophic Oil Spill Threat to Canadian River Basin •Climate experts weigh in on flood in the heart of oil country