Oil, climate change, and bubbles – headlines

•Shale gas won’t stop peak oil, but could create an economic crisis •Oil giants could feel major pain should world get serious about reducing global temperatures •Why you should be cautious about the next oil boom forecast that you hear •Catastrophic Oil Spill Threat to Canadian River Basin •Climate experts weigh in on flood in the heart of oil country

GOD’S PLAN: PAGE 42,973, PARAGRAPH 6 – And Oil Shall Naturally Replenish Itself

In fact, God has hammered out a whole lot of plans. He has plans for me and you and everyone we know. His plans range from dinosaurs to pussycats, from Godzilla to Hello Kitty. Oh my heck, He even has plans for gun violence and rape pregnancies. So is it any surprise at all that He has a plan for that liquid solar energy that powers human civilization? Yes, God has a plan for oil.