Solar now ‘cheapest electricity in history’: How much will it matter?

The International Energy Agency (IEA), the Paris-based consortium of 30 countries, has told us in its flagship World Energy Outlook 2020 that solar-produced electricity is now the “cheapest electricity in history.” That seems like very good news, that is, until the actual expected impact of that fact is examined more closely.

Suddenly, Solar Energy plus Storage is Giving Conventional Fuels a Run for their Money

The increasingly competitive dynamic duo of solar photovoltaic plus battery storage is taking energy markets by storm. Utilities are increasingly looking at batteries as a tool for leveling out power available over the course of the day.

We’ll always Have the Sun: Solar Energy and the Future of Humankind

Asking if renewable energy can replace fossil energy implies that the only possible civilization is our civilization as it is nowadays, including SUVs parked on every driveway and vacation trips to Hawaii by plane for everyone. But keeping these incredibly expensive wastes of energy will obviously be impossible in the future, even imagining that we were able to stay with fossil fuels for another century or even more.