Drawing Down Atmospheric Carbon

There are two ways of addressing rising concentrations of atmospheric carbon; reduce the amount of carbon emissions or increase the amount of carbon removed from the atmosphere. Most of our efforts have been focused on reducing emissions. I’d like to shift the conversation to drawing down atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Tackling Drought in Kenya: Livestock Insurance Policy to Help Pastoralists Beat Climate Change

Incorporating the views of communities that are often at the bottom of the pyramid, and whose voices are rarely heard in sustainability strategies is key to their success. One such inclusive technology in Kenya is the Index-Based Insurance (IBLI), an innovative tool against drought losses in Kenya that seeks to cushion pastoralist communities from the frequent spates of drought…

Unique Learning Laboratory is Giving City Kids the Opportunity to Explore Sustainable Agriculture

In the past eight years, City Growers has expanded their opportunities and reach, offering Summer Camp, professional development, and free workshops. However, it is the child’s newfound understanding and curiosity that truly helps measure progress.

The Next Regeneration

Dobson’s work is an early step toward finding a way to grow food that restores, rather than exhausts, the earth. “We’re not all the way there yet,” he said. “Humanity has yet to discover 98 percent of what’s under our feet.”

CCC: Farming needs a ‘Revolution’ for UK to Meet Climate Goals

Greenhouse gas emissions from the land-use and agriculture sector are set to increase unless the UK’s “unsustainable” approach changes, warns the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) in a report published recently.

A Fixed Meat Ration is Not the Path to Sustainable Food Systems

We should focus our interest into the transition to a sustainable and regenerative food and agriculture system. Such a system would exclude or substantially reduce those foods which are wasteful regardless if those are eggs from caged hens or asparagus flown from one side of the globe to the other.