Insuring Our Children’s Future in the Age of Climate Change

What does it say when the risk-takers see potential damages as too high to cover even with premium increases? It doesn’t take a genius to figure the problem will only get worse as Earth’s rate of warming increases and the price tags of climate-related disasters rise.

Internalizing Climate Risk

From ‘natural’ disasters causing property damage, to climate mitigation measures rendering fossil fuel assets unburnable, to potential impacts of climate change on agricultural production, energy, food, insurance, real estate, and other sectors, it’s clear that private sector companies and all kinds of investments stand to suffer significant losses as a consequence of climate change.

Economic rigidity generates extreme risks including collapse

So the risk managers of last resort will not be governments, but the community, acting in concert with the non-fossil fuel businesses, finance and investment sectors who now stand to be destroyed if the stranglehold of the fossil fuel industry is not rapidly broken.

Current U.S. energy policy: Risk management that is worse than ever

Current U.S. energy policy is, in fact, a hodgepodge of disconnected policies designed for specific constituencies with no coherent goal. What never gets asked and answered definitively in the policy debate is this: What should our ultimate goal be and when should we aim to achieve it?