Retooling the Planet: The False Promise of Geoengineering

The notion of using geoengineering is moving from a fringe idea to mainstream discussion. Powerful corporations and governments of developed nations are the ones with the budgets and technology to execute geoengineering schemes. There is no reason to trust they will have the rights of more vulnerable states or peoples in mind,and the risk to the planet’s ecological integrity is great.

Cap the Grid

As a species, we must learn to live within the physical limitations of the biosphere. In the electric energy sector, this requires reversing the worldwide trend of ever-expanding electricity supply grids carrying energy vast distances from more and more large, centralized power plants. “Capping the grid” is a crucial step toward reducing greenhouse gas pollution and increasing the percentage of electricity generated by renewables.

Bioenergy – A Disaster for Biodiversity, Health and Human Rights

A new, global rush to embrace biofuels—for transport,heat, and electricity—is a growing threat to ecosystems, wildlife, human health, and the climate. The trend poses the danger of increased commodification of forests, greater competition between food and energy markets, and even more pressure on the world’s rural poor that depend upon local biomass for their energy needs.