Saudi Arabia and the war on shale oil that never ended

Why are the Saudis content to allow oil prices to remain this low and possibly drift lower? I believe it’s because their war on shale never ended; they mean to destroy the long-term financial viability of oil from shale deposits–and that job won’t be finished until investors say, “Never again!”

Fracking and shale headlines

•France reaffirms opposition to shale gas exploration •Fracking bonanza eludes wastewater recycling investors •Lord Browne: fracking will not reduce UK gas prices •Midnight Sabotage with Transylvania’s Anti-Fracking Activists •Banks Reluctant to Lend in Shale Plays as Evidence Mounts on Harm to Property Values Near Fracking •Shale gas could restrain rising energy costs, says reportFor IEA, shale has no long-term impact on oil price •Beneath the Hype: Track Records and Physical Evidence Cast Doubts on Stories of Oil Plenty •How threatened is Uinta Basin’s rare desert flower?

“Drill Baby Drill” – popping the shale bubble

The real challenges—and costs—of 21st century fossil fuel production suggest that such vastly increased supplies will not be easily achieved or even possible. The geological and environmental realities of trying to fulfill these exuberant proclamations deserve a closer look.This report provides an in-depth evaluation of the various unconventional energy resources behind the recent "energy independence" rhetoric, particularly shale gas, tight oil.