Food & agriculture – Dec 3

•Food Sovereignty: A Breviary
•Transforming a conventional orchard into a fruit forest
•Journal withdraws controversial French Monsanto GM study
•Dust to Dust: a man-made Malthusian crisis
•Fighting hunger through sustainable farming
•Peak soil: act now or the very ground beneath us will die
•The National Soil Project
•Hungry Americans Less Productive as Budget Cuts Deepen: Economy
•Soil tasting session coming to Bristol: "Mmmm… I’m getting earthy notes and just a hint of grass"
•Now This Is Natural Food

A Good Bug Doesn’t Mean a Dead Bug

"The only good aphid is a dead aphid" used to be my mantra. I would walk up and down rows of plotted trees, spraying the plants with Metasystox, oblivious to the risks to my own health. I didn’t bother with rubber gloves, a mask, or even rubber boots, leaving my skin exposed to this toxic pesticide. With the lid to the pesticide sprayer not properly sealed, Metasystox leaked down my back. Dizzy with nausea, I passed out. This was my harsh introduction to pesticides. It was also the last time I ever used anything toxic on my crops.

Peak Moment 226: Inspiration Farm – Cultivating Nourishing Food and Creativity

“Changing times calls for changing lifestyles.” says Brian Kerkvliet. “So [we’ve] put more energy into the land… The more you get your fingers in the soil, the more endorphins rush through your head. You get excited by all of that.” Using permaculture and biodynamic practices, Brian’s family is endlessly experimenting and innovating to find what works. His wife Alexandra and daughter Rosalie introduce us to the goats, pigs, and cows who are essential players in their farm’s web of life. Don’t miss the outdoor shower with water heated by microbes in the compost pile! (Episode 226).