Local Bites Podcast #2: How to Feed the World? A Political Agroecological Approach

In this episode, Local Bites interviews Dr. M. Jahi Chappell of the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy on the question, "What kind of food and farming system do we need to feed a growing world population in an ecologically sustainable and socially just manner?" His responses challenge widely-held notions about the future of our food supply.

Food & agriculture – Dec 3

•Food Sovereignty: A Breviary
•Transforming a conventional orchard into a fruit forest
•Journal withdraws controversial French Monsanto GM study
•Dust to Dust: a man-made Malthusian crisis
•Fighting hunger through sustainable farming
•Peak soil: act now or the very ground beneath us will die
•The National Soil Project
•Hungry Americans Less Productive as Budget Cuts Deepen: Economy
•Soil tasting session coming to Bristol: "Mmmm… I’m getting earthy notes and just a hint of grass"
•Now This Is Natural Food

Instead of trying to feed the world, let’s help it feed itself

“But can we feed the world this way?” As we try to move humanity away from dominant power regimes and thoughtless extraction of the earth’s resources, toward a way of life that honors the earth and all of her creatures, I think this is the most maddening question we can be asking ourselves.