Podcast from the Prairie: The Restless and Relentless Mind of Wes Jackson

In this final episode of the first season of “Podcast from the Prairie,” Wes Jackson and Robert Jensen reverse roles. Jackson asks the questions about Jensen’s new book, The Restless and Relentless Mind of Wes Jackson: Searching for Sustainability, which summarizes key ideas from Jackson’s work over the past half-century.

The Supply Chain of Fats: Olive Oil

Olive oil may well have been recommended for health reasons – it is a monosaturated fat and, in its cold-pressed extra virgin form, can help lower risk of a heart attack, stroke and heart disease – but what about the supply chain and the economies in the countries it is affecting? A critical look at the supply chain will help to answer these important questions.

Our Food is Not Valued Well

The goal of TEEBAgriFood is more comprehensively to determine the absolute costs, benefits, and dependencies of agriculture and food production. TEEBAgriFood is creating a framework for assessing all the impacts of food, from farm to fork to disposal, including effects on livelihoods, the environment, and human health.

A Future for Farming: Growing Engagement with Sustainability in Agricultural Education

Sustainable agriculture needs to be integrated throughout the entire learning system if all our future farmers are to embrace the sustainability agenda. Young people are a sponge for information and what they are told now will impact on how they farm in the future.