140+ Experts to Rich Nations: Redirect Trillions in Public Money to Curb Climate, Inequality Crises

More than 140 economists and policy experts on Monday published an open letter calling on the leaders of rich countries to combat the life-threatening crises of climate change and inequality through the downward redistribution of trillions of dollars in public money.

Fossil Fuel Subsidies Need to Go – But What about the Poorer People who Rely on Cheap Energy?

Isn’t there a contradiction between subsidising fossil fuels and meeting Paris climate targets? And, if the subsidies are removed, won’t many people suffer without cheap energy? Though recent analysis shows that the worldwide removal would not magically solve climate change, there are many reasons for reform beyond reducing emissions.

The 2020 Deadline: No Excuse Left for Delaying the Energy Transition

Energy intensity — energy use per dollar of GDP — is the last refuge of fossil fuel proponents. Instead of measuring real improvement in energy efficiency, it hides the outsourcing of dirty, coal-based manufacturing to developing countries and changes during times of economic growth or recession, irrespective of efficiency.