140+ Experts to Rich Nations: Redirect Trillions in Public Money to Curb Climate, Inequality Crises

More than 140 economists and policy experts on Monday published an open letter calling on the leaders of rich countries to combat the life-threatening crises of climate change and inequality through the downward redistribution of trillions of dollars in public money.

Poverty amid plenty: A world fragmented by inequality

The right analysis alone, however, won’t end poverty. That will only happen through a movement or movements transforming the hurt and pain of millions into, as King once put it, a “new and unsettling force” carrying this nation to higher and more stable ground.

From What If to What Next: with Dr. Wanda Wyporska and Chuck Collins

In my latest podcast we are exploring how it would be if Feeney’s thinking were to be embraced by those holding the vast reserves of money that the world needs to address its complex problems right now. What if they shifted and recognised the need to let go of what they’re holding onto? And how would it feel to do so?