Energy transitions – headlines

•Swedish pension funds urged to dump fossil fuel holdings •Romantic Germany risks economic decline as green dream spoils •German Energy Storage Plan Could Trigger New Market Boom •Buying Local Solar Makes Florida City a World Leader •Constituency voices: realising the potential of community energy [Report]California’s Unusual Plan to Cut Greenhouse Gases

Re-enchanting Economics

Economics as we know it today is broken.  Unable to explain, to predict or to protect, it is need of root-and-branch replacement.  Or, to borrow from Alan Greenspan, it is fundamentally ‘flawed’.  But where do we look for inspiration in facilitating what is the mother of all paradigm shifts?  Interestingly enough, the most insightful and strikingly innovative ideas seem to be coming from all directions other than the economics profession.

Market Monsters

The monstrosity of capitalism gains new strength as political leaders fight for a return to growth by dissecting society. Though many nations are rising up against the monetary elite, most North Americans are still zombified.