It’s meant to hurt: allowing our feelings on climate will promote action and reduce conflict

Such transformation can go much further than cutting emissions, drawing down carbon or simple adaptations.  It can even go beyond changing our mindsets. It could transform what I call our “heart-set”, so that whatever comes next, we will face it with an unwavering and universal love.

Embodying Climate Grief, a Conversation with Climate Activists Dr. Sarah Myhre and Teresa K. Miller

A conversation between National Academy of Sciences fellow Dr. Sarah Myhre and National Poetry Series winner Teresa K. Miller on bearing witness to the climate crisis through science and storytelling.

What Could Possibly Go Right?: Episode 34 Ellen Bass

Ellen Bass is an award-winning poet, author and a Chancellor of the Academy of American Poets. Her poems appear frequently in The New Yorker, American Poetry Review, and many other journals. From her view as a poet, Ellen addresses the question of “What Could Possibly Go Right?”

Our Time Balm

Humanity and the earth is suffering from a worldview disease leading to a voracious self-destruction. It is a set of values or qualities, held with religious conviction that transforms all novelty into itself: economic growth, control over circumstances, progress, individualism, exploitation of nature, domination of strong over weak, and freedom-as-entitlement.

This can Be the Year When we Recharge Nature – and Ourselves

It’s going to be a rough year. The fatal combination of escalating climate breakdown and the capture of crucial governments by killer clowns provokes a horrible sense of inevitability. Just when we need determined action, we know that our governments, and the powerful people to whom they respond, will do everything they can to stymie it.

Climate Change from the Inside Out: Shock. Grief. Respond. Relief. Repeat

Repeating and evolving. We are learning together. You are welcome in. Your voice is needed. Your transformation of shock and grief into response and relief is needed. We’re all in this together. Humanity finally has a common challenge.