It’s meant to hurt: allowing our feelings on climate will promote action and reduce conflict

Such transformation can go much further than cutting emissions, drawing down carbon or simple adaptations.  It can even go beyond changing our mindsets. It could transform what I call our “heart-set”, so that whatever comes next, we will face it with an unwavering and universal love.

Our power comes from acting without escape from our pain

As global heating speeds up, humanity can no longer assume to control our destiny. We can let that tough realisation sit heavily with us, but then breathe and redouble our commitment to life and love, no matter what the odds, opposition or outcomes

Curing, Healing or Letting the Climate Disease Run its Course

As the climate crisis rises in public awareness,  people have trouble understanding what to do – especially when the “climate doctors” fight among themselves about treatment. Using the disease model we can sort the interventions in 3 categories: curing, healing or denial/ letting the disease run its course.

Climate Change from the Inside Out: Shock. Grief. Respond. Relief. Repeat

Repeating and evolving. We are learning together. You are welcome in. Your voice is needed. Your transformation of shock and grief into response and relief is needed. We’re all in this together. Humanity finally has a common challenge.