Portland’s circular economy is primed for success. Can it offer a blueprint for the rest of us?

In the United States, the city of Portland, Oregon offers some leadership in terms of what this might look like in action. The city boasts a lively network of partnerships between nonprofits, businesses, civilians, and different bureaus and layers of government.

Bringing Degrowth and Commoning to Fashion

Through the organization Fashion Act Now, a growing band of dissident fashionistas want to make the clothing industry more ecologically responsible, relocalized, and culturally in sync with this moment in history, especially with respect to climate change, economic justice, and decolonialization.

Circular Economies & Regenerative Cultures

The diverse bioregionally focussed and globally collaborative regenerative cultures of the future will meet their needs in circular economies based on regeneratively grown biomaterials processed by renewable energy at a bioregional scale.