Portland’s circular economy is primed for success. Can it offer a blueprint for the rest of us?

In the United States, the city of Portland, Oregon offers some leadership in terms of what this might look like in action. The city boasts a lively network of partnerships between nonprofits, businesses, civilians, and different bureaus and layers of government.

Share Catch Chile’s waste reduction bus – how behaviour change, new infrastructure and different business models are cutting waste

This is the story of the potential for a rapid transformation of the waste crisis illustrated by one social enterprise in Chile, and its work to encourage people in communities and in industry to produce less waste and to recycle more.

Putting Things Back where They Should Be – Managing Waste in Naivasha Town

James Kagwe, who runs a waste management collective called ‘Waste to Best’ in Naivasha Town in Kenya’s Rift Valley. His path has taken him from flower growing to street clean-ups, waste collection and waste management.