Green Haven Project is nurturing underserved communities one garden at a time

Three years ago, Jorge Palacios, David Roper and Josh Placeres came together with a shared vision to make a better world for communities of color in Miami. They wanted to create a space where Black and Brown families can access fresh produce and learn how to live a healthy lifestyle.

These apps aim to reduce the social and environmental impacts of food waste

Addressing the food waste epidemic requires us to widen our perspective and develop practical, comprehensive solutions that can be implemented by everyday people. A number of tech companies and nonprofits have developed apps aimed at doing just that.

Reconfiguring Food Systems Governance: The UNFSS and the Battle over Authority and Legitimacy

By replacing multilateralism with multi-stakeholderism, the UN Food Systems Summit (UNFSS) is advancing a vision of food systems governance that sets the foundation for stronger corporate influence both of the UN and food systems at large.

Transforming Cape Town’s Covid soup kitchens into spaces of dignity – a community vision

User-workers of the community kitchen contribute by volunteering, while also dishing up in the process. This way, community members believed, the kitchens are not just giving handouts but also creating a space where people can be empowered to become active agents in this process.