Rural Europe Takes Action | The Sámi Environmental Programme

I am proud of the Sámi parliament for creating the Environmental Programme – called Eallinbiras in Sámi. It is more of a life programme. We are trying to convey the Sámi culture to inspire others to have a more sustainable view on life.

Foraging for City Fruit on Bike Routes and Up Trees

Integrating Indigenous food systems like forest gardens into today’s urban setting will take some work. But we can look at models of food sharing and community building in Indigenous societies to help us reimagine what is possible in non-Indigenous urban centres…

Mexican Farmers and Scientists Share a Mission: Saving a Wetland

Eslava and Sumano are working together to preserve the region’s chinampas, remnants of the branch and reed rafts that Mesoamerican farmers covered in nutrient-rich lake mud to grow fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

Why the UN must rely more on indigenous wisdom and less on fossil fuels

It is time for the United Nations and its various agencies to recognize that its top-down organizational structure is not suited to address our myriad ecological crises, and rather use its influence to advocate for, and allocate its resources to support, land custodianship for the millions of indigenous communities keeping alive the knowledge of how to live within the bounty of what our mother Earth provides.