Native pipeline foes make inroads across Northern Plains

As Native grassroots water protectors carried on more than a decade of resistance to oil and gas pipeline construction during the first part of December, authorities across the Northern Great Plains responded in kind.

First Felony Arrests Near Bayou Bridge Construction Made Under New Louisiana Law Penalizing Pipeline Trespass

The law turning trespassing — if it’s near “critical infrastructure” or construction sites for critical infrastructure — into a felony carrying a sentence of up to five years went into effect on August 1. I

Climate Justice and the Kinder Morgan Pipeline: Is this the next Standing Rock?

The next Standing Rock probably won’t look like Standing Rock, it will have learned and adapted from Standing Rock successes and failures and will be contextualized in a different political landscape. If May 31st does not resolve the conflict, I think that’s what we might be about to see here in Coast Salish Territory.

A Turning Point at Standing Rock?

“The battle at Oceti Sakowin is deeper than the pipeline. It’s about how we are to redefine our leadership and how we rebuild community and how we love and have compassion for each other and Mother Earth and all the people who come to support — that’s what all this means.”

Pipeline Memo Guiding Trudeau Gov’t ‘Riddled with Mistakes’

In a detailed 10-page letter, B.C. economist Robyn Allan has warned Jim Carr, minister of Natural Resources, that the memo’s conclusions are “unreliable and yet, based on recent public statements, you have adopted them to conclude new pipelines, such as Trans Mountain’s expansion, are necessary.”