Mass Education and the Climate Crisis: Lessons from the Pandemic (Part 1)

The trillion-dollar pandemic relief bills demonstrate the federal government’s power to create money, upending the question that often stymies progressive policies: how will you pay for it? However, there are still limits to money creation that activists aiming to create a sustainable economy should consider.

Resilience, Re-agrarization and Post-Growth in the post-COVID Galicia

The good news is that the path to both improving our resilience and making a viable Energy Transition to a low-carbon economy, while minimizing the chances of catastrophic climate change, is the same: planning a controlled and socially fair reduction of the material sphere of the economy.

Traditional skills help people on the tourism-deprived Pacific Islands survive the pandemic

But our research shows how people are surviving – and in some cases, thriving – in the face of significant loss of income.

This is due in part to their reliance on customary knowledge, systems and practices.