What Could Possibly Go Right: Episode 1 Saru Jayaraman

Join Vicki Robin for the premiere episode of her conversations with cultural changemakers, What Could Possibly Go Right? Saru Jayaraman, President of One Fair Wage, shares insight into the current perfect opportunity for wage change in the food service industry.

Clean Tech Versus a People’s Green New Deal

Is there a way to imagine a different GND, a global Green New Deal? I think so. But it might have to start by recognizing the ecological laws of limits and a social ethic of redistribution of wealth and resources, and equality. It would argue for developmental convergence, including in energy use, between wealth and poor, within and between countries.

False Hopes for a Green New Deal

The Green New Deal pivots on a central lie of continued growth, promising this growth and employment whilst pretending it can magic away the environmental and humanitarian consequences. The result of this is that on all three counts – infinite growth, reliance on fossil fuels, and colonial resource extraction – the Green New Deal is unable to challenge the prevailing order.

A Charter for the Social Solidarity Economy

The Social and Solidarity Economy is based on individuals and communities arising from social initiatives. Material benefits are not the essential building block of its identity. Rather, it defines itself by the quality of life and well-being of its members and the whole of society as a global system.

An Economy That Does Not Grow?

While it may be clear that the wager on endless growth is a bad one, a more difficult question arises: “what would be the characteristics of an economy that does not grow?”. In his book “Macroeconomics Without Growth1” Steffen Lange attempts to construct a framework for answering this question