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Want to Get Involved?

Find a community resilience building groups near you

If you're looking to start building community resilience in your area, probably the first step is to see who's already out there.

You can find out quite a bit searching on keywords like 'sustainable food groups + your city' or 'community energy' and so on.

You might also check out the directories of some of our allies.

Transition Initiatives Resilience Circles More allies

Maybe the group you want to be part of doesn't exist yet in your area - here are some tips on staring a group of your own...

New Dream Community Action Kit Transition Primer Starting a Resilience Circle

There are so many other types of group you may want to start up depending on your interest - community gardens, local energy projects, timebanks, local currency projects, repair cafes and many, many more. Or you may just want to dip your toe in the water to organise a one off event like a film showing to meet some neighbours. 

For lots more information and links and tips see our Building Thriving, Resilient Communities Guide, check our Resources page, or see our growing library of Community Resilience publications.

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