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Twenty-First-Century Energy Wars

Iraq, Syria, Nigeria, South Sudan, Ukraine, the East and South China Seas: wherever you look, the world is aflame with new or intensifying conflicts.

Review: The Market Gardener by Jean-Martin Fortier

For some years now, author and farmer Jean-Martin Fortier has lived rather …

Creating Swales

Swales are simply ditches on contour (contour is a level line across the …

Ailing Shale Gas Returns Force a 'Drilling Treadmill'

Long-term sustainability of industry is highly questionable, …

Facing The Looming Foreclosure Crisis

As the Fed runs out of bullets, local governments are stepping in.

The Rolling Rebellion: People Declare Independence from Corporate Rule

For more than 10 years, Backbone Campaign has built, painted, sculpted, marched, organized, trained and occupied in the name of “human …
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If We Insulate Our Houses, Why Not Our Cooking Pots?

In the early twentieth century, fireless cookers were common additions to western kitchens, similar to the refrigerator or cooking stove.

Towards an Energy Standard of 'Local'

In other essays I presented data showing that small-scale, local farms …

Debt: Eight Reasons This Time is Different

Academic researchers Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff have become famous …

Quakers Divest From Fossil Fuels

The Eco-Justice Working Group of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting has announced …

An inspiring taste of Transition in Germany

A roundup from Rob about what Transition in Germany is up to these …

5 Shocking Places Where Fracking Is Taking Off

From scenic coastal waters to vital agricultural land, here are five places where fracking could soon be taking off.

Along the Rio Grande, An Innovative Water Market Restores Riverside Habitat

With water so tight in this part of the country, success depended on a remarkable degree of cooperation among an unlikely group of partners.

Handmade Tools Make Simple Work at Inspiration Farm     

Watch Brian Kerkvliet cut thick grasses easily and quickly with his …

Gross Domestic Problem: Don’t Shoot the Measurement

The realization is gradually spreading that GDP growth can’t continue …

11 Affordable Housing Alternatives for City Dwellers

After World War II, white, middle-class Americans flocked to the suburbs …

Free Farmers, Food Liberty: Local Growers Declare Independence

Can real change take root in the aisles of a grocery store?

The Real Reasons behind the Nuclear Failure and what that means for Renewables

What are the lessons from the failed nuclear energy revolution?

The right to cook

I want to suggest the creation of a new human right. That human right is the …

The emerging power of microgrids

Prepare for the arrival of the renewable energy microgrid.

Communities, not private companies, driving innovation

Attempting to force innovation by pitting providers against each other …

The Wealth Trap: The Rich and The Gilded Cage

The rich are trapped within a modern version of Plato's Cage, unable to see …